From Enterprise Architects to the Enterprise World

QMSI Postal Software Products are the quickest way to more profit because they cost less to
start-up and maintain; run faster, using less CPU; take full advantage of today’s IBM z System Architecture - with concepts like our Data Space Data Base (DSDB) and innovations like
zIIP-eligible processing  ...  for even greater savings.

No MIPS-Based Pricing

For starters, this means you are never going to be "hit again" when you want, or need, to upgrade your CPU.

Easy to Install

As the only new, Mainframe Postal Software products in over 20 years, QMSI's CASS and PAVE Certified™ software meets customer demands  ...  and then some.


Even easier to use

English Keyword Parameters makes JOB setup simple and quick!


Blazing FAST . . . and

Every customer is amazed at the speed. It's possible QMSI software is the fastest Postal Processing software on the planet!


It's Priced to save you $$$

Isn't it time you started looking for another way to save even more than just the cost of postage?

Run on a zIIP - Save More

If you have one, your processing time is "free" - further reducing your costs.

Even More Savings, Soon!

Driven solely by customer demand our next product will help those who must meet USPS update requirements in other areas of address management.

Celebrating a reputation of great software and support at unbelievable prices!