"QCODE is running much faster than the old Group1 CODE1 product. Weekend run time went down from 3 1/2 hours to 15 minutes! Cooperation and readiness to support our operation has been outstanding."

-- Robert B. Tarola

Chief Information Officer

Tarrant Appraisal District

Fort Worth, Texas



"Whether it’s a problem or a question, any person with whom you speak resolves it, most of the time right then and there ... I recall a solution which required hours of new code. We had it the next day. Have you ever known IBM or Microsoft to do that? No level escalation, no multiple tech support people questioning you, just a resolution. Not only is their software flexible and reliable, but they are always available for customer support!"

 -- Steve Heidelberger

President, Dymacol, Incorporated

" ... I want to thank you and your staff for your knowledge, responsiveness, and humor in providing technical support over the years. You have always been a pleasure to work with and have gotten us out of several jams by providing answers to all our questions - and quick responses to our requests (many with short notice). In today’s world, it is truly rare to find an organization that is a true pleasure to work with. We have an excellent working relationship and would recommend it to any potential customer."

-- Josephine Sassano

Database Administrator,

South Jersey Gas Company



" ... I was a little worried about how difficult it was going to be to maintain the software. That worry disappeared as soon as I had my first question. The support I received on my first call was excellent, and has continued to be so over the years. Now, when I call, it’s more like calling a friend than calling a vendor’s help desk. I wish I had the same kind of relationship with all my vendors. The software works every day, the new releases are always problem free, and the help (rarely needed) is immediate and good."


-- Charles Millar

Vice President Data Services

American Student List, LLC

"As with all of my previous calls, it was answered in three rings. My issue was not critical but you treated it as if it were. You gave me all of the time I needed. As it turned out, the answer was in your documentation. Again, unlike many vendors, you did not just ‘refer me to the doc’ and hang up! I want to thank you and your staff for always being available and responsive. I don’t call you often, but when I do I am treated with a respect that seems to be disappearing from business today. 'Customer Service' is not a marketing slogan to you ... it is how you do business!"

-- Roger Blackwood

Director Systems Development

Harte-Hanks Data Services, Maryland

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