The current release level of each QMSI software product is noted in the message issued to SYSLOG, at the start of every run, in the following format:

The message contains the program/phase name, its VERSION specified as Ver.Mod.Rev numbers followed by the date and time of its assembly.  This information is also found in the library member or phase, when viewed in hexadecimal format.


Each release of QMSI products is distributed in a fully assembled, ready-to-run, library backup - ensuring every member/phase is at the same release level.


QCODE - 01.02.01O

(Cycle O ready - see USPS CASS site)

Find us easily by doing a "Find" for QMSI or QCODE.


Note: There are many entries at the link above.

But only three companies support the Mainframe; and

QMSI is the only one that is exclusively Mainframe!


QSORT - 05.01S

(Gold Certification - see USPS PAVE site)

Find us easily by doing a "Find" for QSORT.

Do a "Find" for QSORT, again, to see what is supported.


QVIEW - 01.02.01O

(Always the same as QCODE - with

full feature support for CICS and IMS)




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