QVIEW is the CICS, IMS or CA/IDMS complement to our QCODE CASS software.

How different can it be?

Well for starters, our QMIFSERV (InterFace SERVer) program accesses our QMSERVER, which provides access to our DataSpaceDataBase© (DSDB©) rather than the VSAM files, which are used by other mainframe postal software vendors.


Then there is the multi-thread, capability in QMIFSERV, which allows for many callable tasks - in batch or online - to run concurrently without excessive resource usage or I/O activity.


The transactions we provide perform:


a) a very simple address look up with data returned about the

address's validity and the processing required to verify it.


b) a more complex look up - for Cities and Streets within the

USPS deliverable territory and the ability to "drill down" to

the secondary information and/or Zip+4 data associated

with specific address locations or Firms.

The data returned is an extensive look at the data within the

National ZIP4 database, without giving away any proprietary

USPS information relating to LACS or SuiteLink processing -

just their return codes.


c) a very complete picture of all the parsed data returned from

a successful record look up - including a simple "interactive"

use of a QCODE secondary address data "content" features.


If you care to see these transactions working first hand, in your facility, you can easily effect a Free Trial that could have you up and running in less than two (2) hours on a TEST LPAR!


C'mon! Aren't you just a little curious about how truly modern, high-tech apps like QVIEW and QCODE can be so easy to install and use ... and still save you time, your organization money and greatly reduce your processors' CPU and I/O resource utilization?!!  It's really just too easy!


There are three QVIEW transactions distributed with QCODE to provide examples of how our customers can access the ZIP4 National database for address information related to specific addresses keyed into one of these transactions.


Each example transaction has a specific

purpose - both for the edification of our customers regarding "what happens" when QCODE processes their address data ... and

for the insight a customer programmer may need to create or alter transactions of their

own to take advantage of the QCODE callable interface, which is unlike any of our rivals' callable functions.

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