QSORT is also at home where QCODE lives!

QSORT is not like other presort products because it was written for the needs of our customers rather than trying to be a "one size fits all - do everything" application.  More to the point, QSORT's focus is on First Class Mail (FCM) rather than parcels, periodicals or Marketing Mail (although we do support Letters and Flats in that category).


That single function focus allows us to process quicker and use less resources - making your production runs - or any reruns - reach completion faster and get to the next step sooner.



Getting you here faster.

QSORT also makes setup easier to understand because the control language used is mostly free form "English" parameters rather than scripting or columnar specifications found in our rivals' product.


There isn't much polish you can put on a presort description - but facts work!


QSORT has processed more than one million records per minute. Yes, per minute!


It's fast. VERY FAST!  And, easy to use because those free form English parameters are easy to remember.  All errors are "pinpointed" in the SYSOUT reporting -
making any needed corrections easy
and quick.


Built into QSORT is its unique reporting architecture that makes all new Postage Statement changes easy and quick to implement.  That translates into "No delays"
in meeting new USPS PAVE regulations!


Which raises this question, again:

Why continue paying more
for less?!

Learn why our customers chose QSORT
over our rivals' product.

Celebrating a reputation of great software and support at unbelievable prices!