QCODE Lives Here!

QCODE is the first, and only, new, and modern CASS™ software written exclusively for the IBM Mainframe.


It is also the first new mainframe CASS product in 20+ years!  QCODE has the design benefit of being written for just one platform - rather than the cross platform versions from our rivals.


Because QCODE was written by System Architects, using IBM's High-Level Assembler, it has the unique ability to run on a zIIP.  This not only makes processing as fast as possible, it also eliminates the MSU charges for your CASS processing, which you must pay when running on a GP.

Learn from our customers why they chose QCODE over our rivals' products.

So, why go to "all the trouble" of converting to a new CASS product?

FIRST of all ...
all that trouble no longer exists!

Why continue paying more for less?

What users are saying

Remember, we make our money by saving you money, resources and time!

•  Because QCODE uses 50-75% less CPU,

even if you run on a GP, you can run more

concurrent tasks than you do when you

run our rivals' software.


•  Because QCODE stores its data in Data Spaces, you use less I/O resources ... than the VSAM accesses required by our rivals' product.


•  Because QCODE uses a proprietary DataSpaceDataBase© (DSDB©), which is delivered in a single, sequential file, your monthly USPS-required database updates are simpler and quicker than the multiple-file VSAM restores needed for our rivals' products.


•  Because QCODE  is the only server/client

postal software using PC (Program Call)

logic for its interfaces, you will have more

flexibility and lower overhead when you

run multiple batch jobs or any online

processing under CICS, IMS or CA/IDMS.


•  And, because QCODE has a stand-alone, multi-thread, callable interface, the statistics on everything that runs through it can be viewed using a simple SYSLOG command - making "tuning" for performance quick and easy, too!


Celebrating a reputation of great software and support at unbelievable prices!