Batch or Online - CICS, IMS or CA/IDMS

Created in response to requests from

customers and friends, running both z/OS

and z/VSE, QCODE brings a modern, new

level of accurate, quick and less expensive

CASS™ processing to IBM's Mainframe mailers.


QCODE is the only current CASS™ product

written to take advantage of IBM z System

Architecture - like running on a zIIP, where

there are no MSU charges!

Super Fast Presort

A very fast PAVE™ Presort - driven solely by

customer needs. QMSI has developed what

may be the fastest Presort on the planet!

This is one more example of software created

by QMSI for today's fast-paced work cycles.


QSORT adds very little to a CPU's load -

allowing more tasks to run concurrently.

And, it's easy to use and quick to learn!

Sub-second Address Information

Example programs and screen maps for

CICS or IMS, which give programmers

complete insight into a new, multi-thread,

callable interface. A new or old end-user

can enjoy the fastest way to see all the

address data elements that were verified.

Celebrating a reputation of great software and support at unbelievable prices!