Why doesn't QMSI try to "close the deal" after each contact?

It may seem corny, but we look at every prospect as an opportunity for friendship - our greatest reward over the years.  There is no intent to obfuscate our desire to gain customers and revenue; but we never look at prospects as $$$ because our goal is to save $$$ for everyone!!


We have surprised many people with our attitude. Our products have been even more surprising, once installed, and their benefits and elegance are obvious.

: What makes QCODE so different from other CASS products?

  A: Its architecture ...


: Why are you willing to sell a "better" product at a lower price?

  A: To gain recognition, initially, and because we do not have the overhead of our rivals.


: How difficult is the installation?

  A: Easier than most people would think!

We even have an "Install for Dummies" tailored after the popular series of books for the
PC. It's somewhat tongue-in-cheek; but extremely accurate and helpful, when used.


: Why can't your rivals do what you do?

  A: Because they have chosen to be multi-platform, which requires compilers that cannot

access system-level resources like the System Resource Blocks (SRBs) required to run on
a zIIP, for example.


: What makes QCODE more efficient than other CASS products?

  A: Being written extremely well and geared toward lower overhead using the High-Level

Assembler, which allows us to take advantage of Data Spaces to store our USPS data rather than VSAM and running on a zIIP, when desired.  Even without running on a zIIP, QCODE uses 50% to 75% less of a GP resource when compared to rival products.



Celebrating a reputation of great software and support at unbelievable prices!