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FACTS FIRST - everything about how and why we lower your costs for CASS!

If you are a "Mainframe Mailer," you've already taken the first step toward a "great decision!"


To help with that, here are a few important facts about QMSI, our products and operating principles - the very things which influenced our customer's decisions to choose QMSI over the other two vendors in the mainframe arena.

Think about this: Even though you've paid your current vendor, there is no legal reason to run their product(s)!


"But we have to pay!" you'll say. True.


However, if you aren't paying anything

"extra," you can't possibly lose when

you run QMSI software for FREE!*  


You'll begin to enjoy all of the benefits our customers enjoy - right away - greater speed, ease of monthly data updates, optimized resource utilization - and you can immediately eliminate IBM MSU fees!


Why not take the next step and start getting

these benefits as soon as possible? It is

much easier and quicker than you think!


Remember, QMSI has great, large, small and recognizable customers who are "more than willing to speak with you, directly," about why they chose QMSI over their prior vendor - more than likely, your current vendor! We heartily encourage you to make a simple phone call or send them an email message.

Use the software yourself.


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  QMSI software takes advantage of IBM zSystem hardware.

Meaning "what?" (click)

  QMSI's QCODE product can run on a zIIP.

Eliminating MSU fees! (click)

  QMSI's DSDB© simplifies monthly USPS data updates.

What's a DSDB?! (click)

  QMSI Software Maintenance is always less than other vendors.

Have you read our mantra? (click)

  QMSI Software Maintenance never increases!

Why?! (click)

  QMSI prices are not based on MIPS, MSUs, LPARs or terminal seats.

Yes, "Seriously!" (click)

  QMSI's 24/7 support is always, immediately available.

For no additional cost (click)

  Extra processors are inexpensive.

Really inexpensive! (click)

Meaning what?

Taking advantage of modern hardware architecture means added performance and lowering I/O overhead by placing USPS "data" in Data Spaces rather than VSAM. A Callable Interface Server supports all Batch and/or Online (CICS, IMS, etc) using "PC Logic" to our DSDB Server eliminating redundant linked modules in every calling program. A simple, single, Parm List member makes references to RCs and Field names easy and quick. 


Eliminating MSU fees!

The "other" vendors must run on a GP, General Purpose processor, due to their "platform/software" choices! What does that mean to your CFO? After you pay those "other" vendors for their product(s), you start paying IBM's MSU fees - every time you run! QCODE is the only CASS software designed and written to run on a zIIP, IBM's zSystems Integrated Information Processor.


QMSI is also the only postal software vendor that supports the IBM z Systems - exclusively. Even if you have no zIIP, or use z/VSE, QMSI software still outperforms other vendor products and reduces CPU/IO overhead! 


What's a DSDB?!

QMSI's proprietary DataSpaceDataBase©, also called our DSDB©, is designed to bring added performance and lower I/O by not using VSAM. It is not a third party product! It is native Data Space support for all of our products and only one sequential file is downloaded each month by our customers' staff.*** 


Have you read our mantra?

"Saving money, resource and time" isn't all we do! Our Start Up fee is often less than the "other" vendors' Maintenance ... making the initial transition more comfortable ... and, our Software Maintenance is only 13% of our Start Up fee.** 



Simple. We have never "liked" cost increases!  We remember when a CPU upgrade brought us a new invoice for the same, old software! It "hurt" more when our upgrade had nothing to do with the "invoicing" vendor's product. That's what drives our policies on cost and fairness! 


Yes, "Seriously!"

Your MIPS, MSUs or LPARs are not going to be "policed" by us. Seriously! That's why don't use prices based on MIPS, MSUs, LPARs or terminal "seats"? Simple. We do care about the benefits we will provide to you, which is the only reason we ask about your environment and/or processing volume, initially. After that, you do as you wish. 


For no additional cost.

FREE means FREE! QMSI wants you to start saving money as fast as possible! To that end, we have a policy that allows you to run our CASS and PAVE™ products FREE*, even if you are still under an Agreement with another vendor. That means that you could do what some customers have done: complete a POC, determining you like QCODE or QSORT ... and then, until your current Agreement terminates*, immediately begin getting the benefits QMSI software offers! 


Really inexpensive!

QMSI costs never increase for licensed CPU(s)!  Not liking CPU upgrade fees, you can imagine how we felt - and still do - about "additional processor" fees. The same software was just copied to - or shared with - a new computer; but the invoice from "you know who" was unbelievable! Ring any bells?!  



* We feel it is fair and reasonable to not exceed one year.


** Leasing Start Ups are less than the Perpetual Right to Use.

Both pricing schedules are far less than the "other" two vendors.

However, Leasing will usually cost more than Perpetual, long term.


*** QCODE and QSORT have their own DSDB© from QMSI.

QMOVE data comes from the USPS directly and is not from by QMSI.


Support is ALWAYS important

when you need it! Most especially on the weekend and off hours. Ask your internal team how they feel about that. We remember, all too

painfully well, how vendors that were not

accessible when we needed them were so

frustrating ... and created time delays. Our

policy reflects an old tradition and time

honored rule:

"Do unto others as you would have them do unto you!"

In other words, you will ALWAYS reach us directly, whenever you need any assistance.
Oh, also read into that ...

"For no additional cost!"

We are very serious about

"Saving you money,

resources and time" by

providing "Great software

at unbelievable prices!"

Celebrating a reputation of great software and support at unbelievable prices!