QMSI is very proud of the relationships we have with the entities noted on this page; even more soon!


Two of our principals had no direct interfaces with the USPS in their careers. They developed software for laser printing and an Operating System that supported the CPUs on which mail processing was done. Thus, there was a great deal of resistance, initially, in starting any project that meant dealing with the "government" e.g. the United States Postal Service (USPS)!


One of our greatest surprises came from learning how courteous, enjoyable and willing-to-help each of the people we contacted were as we jumped into QCODE development during the most ambitious period of CASS regulation changes in the history of the USPS.  We enjoy and respect those relationships to this day.


No less important is the PartnerWorld ISV program, in which we participate with IBM.  The mainframe is in our blood and we have been on it since the late 1960s.  That shows our true, never-ending love for BIG IRON, with BIG features and seemingly unlimited possibilities continually emerging from their engineering breakthroughs. Without our IBM support, none of the products we have created would have come to life.  Thank you, IBM.


As we grow - expanding our relationships with Corporate America, our home state, California, and other states, counties and cities across the US, we continue to find great people and new friendships, which we cherish.


We are proud to be the first-ever California Small Business Entity to provide postal software exclusively for IBM Mainframes through the Department of General Services Supplier Number: 1796712.



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